KnotMaker 2.3 Written by Derek Smith and Dave Root
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View in KnotTyer3D

The "View in KnotTyer3D" window allows you to view your drawing in the free KnotTyer3D program. This is an old program, so the Help features in KnotTyer3D don't work any more.

This window contains the following options:

How to Fix Display Issues in KnotTyer3D
When viewing a drawing in KnotTyer3D, some computers render the 3D images more accurately than others. The "Remove All Gaps in the Layers" checkbox (described above) might improve the 3D display on your computer.

KnotTyer3D has a "KT3 Editor" menu option, which opens up an editor window to allow you to tweak how the knots are displayed. On the left side of the editor window you'll see a wire-frame image of your drawing, and on the right side are the coordinates that you can tweak:

Clicking on the wire-frame image will draw new rope segments in your drawing, which isn't the goal here. To tweak your drawing so it displays properly in KnotTyer3D, you need to modify the coordinates on the right side of the editor window.

When you click on a set of coordinates (e.g. "7, 8, 0" in the above picture), the coordinate point will be displayed as a black circle on the wire-frame picture to help you identify the coordinates that need to be tweaked. In addition, the KnotMaker tile number associated with that coordinate point (e.g. "KnotMaker tile #19") is displayed above the coordinates to help you identify the place that needs to be tweaked. The following picture shows the full set of KnotMaker tile numbers:

In each set of KnotTyer3D coordinates (e.g. "7, 8, 0"), the first two numbers are the column and row in KnotMaker. The third number determines how far the rope bends away from the front of the knot (if the value is negative). For example, -1 will make the rope bend farther away than -0.5 will.

To fix any display problems, simply find the coordinate that needs to be tweaked and then change the third number.

If you see a 'C' in the KnotTyer3D coordinates, this indicates the start of a new rope.

After tweaking the third number for the appropriate coordinates, click the "File/Save KT3" menu item to save the file, then close the editor window to re-display the knot.

If the rope is being tied incorrectly in KnotTyer3D, see the Individual Ropes Help file for the logic that KnotMaker uses when building its internal representation of the knot(s) in your drawing. This will help you modify your drawing so the knot(s) are tied correctly in KnotTyer3D.

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