Cool Science Tricks

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Mirror Writing

Place a mirror next to a piece of paper.

Look into the mirror (not at the paper) and see if you can write or draw something!
Try making a simple maze and then see if you can follow the maze while looking in the mirror.

Index Card Flick

Place an index card on top of a cup.

Place a coin on top of the index card.
If you flick the index card just right...
...then the index card will fly away and the coin will fall into the cup!

Is an Index Card Stronger than Water?

Fill a small cup about one-third full of water.
Place an index card over the cup so that it covers the entire top of the cup.
Hold the index card tightly onto the cup, then carefully turn the cup over.

Some water might leak out at first, but the index card will hold the rest of the water in!

Cup Suction

Fill a bowl with water.

Place a small cup in the water so that the cup is mostly filled with water.
Turn the cup upside down.
Try to slowly lift the cup straight up out of the water.

It doesn't want to come out!

Long-Distance Water Pouring

Fill a measuring cup with water.

Place a piece of string or yarn over the handle of the measuring cup, then pick up the measuring cup.

With your other hand, hold the string over a bowl.

Make sure that the string is always touching the measuring cup's pour-spout.

Slowly pour the water, and it will travel down the string and into the bowl!

How far away can you pour the water down the string?

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