Cool Science Tricks

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The Amazing Jumping Rubber Band

Put a rubber band over your index and middle fingers.
Then secretly close your fist so that all four of your fingers are inside the rubber band.
Now show someone the rubber band and point to the two fingers which are inside the rubber band.

As you're pointing you can say, "The rubber band is on these two fingers, right?"
Then open up your hand and say, "Wrong!"

Can you figure out how to do this with two rubber bands so that they switch places on your fingers?

Static Electricity with a Balloon

Try blowing up a balloon and then rubbing it on your hair.

It creates static electricity which attracts your hair.
You can even use static electricity to stick the balloon to things.

The Amazing Rubber Pencil

Hold a pencil near one end.
Move your hand up and down.

With a bit of practice to get the right motion, it looks like the pencil is made of rubber!

Paper Tearing Challenge

Cut a piece of paper into thirds, but don't cut the pieces all the way off.

Hold the outer two pieces at the corners.

Can you rip both of the outer pieces off of the center piece with one strong pull?

Paper Knockdown

Take a dollar bill, or one of the three pieces of paper from the "Paper Tearing Challenge" (above), and fold it in half.
Stand the paper on a table, then move just far enough away so that you can't reach out and touch the paper.
With practice you can snap your arm out quickly and knock the paper down without touching it!

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"Cool Science Tricks"

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