Cool Science Tricks

This website of Cool Science Tricks started out as a fun project with my kids during the Christmas holidays (2005). We wanted to put together a list of quick and fun and fascinating things to try, such as science experiments or games or puzzles.

We deliberately chose not to put these activities in any particular order. Instead, as you scroll through each page we hope that various interesting things will catch your eye and that you'll have fun with them.

Page 1

The Index Card Trick
Soap Bubbles with Your Hands
Soap Rainbows
Floating Arm
Can't Lift A Finger
Page 2

The "Four Fours" Game
The "Word Ladders" Game
Can You Fold a Piece of Paper More Than 9 Times?
Linked Paper Clips
Traveling Flame
Page 3

Fill a Glass with More Water Than the Glass Can Hold!
Make a Soap-Powered Boat
Fun with Oil and Water
Ice Destroyer
Slice -n- Dice
Page 4

The Amazing Jumping Rubber Band
Static Electricity with a Balloon
The Amazing Rubber Pencil
Paper Tearing Challenge
Paper Knockdown
Page 5

Mirror Writing
Index Card Flick
Is an Index Card Stronger than Water?
Cup Suction
Long-Distance Water Pouring
Page 6

Can You Fold Your Tongue?
How to "Prove" that 2 Equals 1
Hanger Gong
Flag Illusion
Is it true, or is it a lie?
Page 7

Can You Do This?
Tying Water into Knots
Brass Rubbing
Break Dancers
Mirror Levitation
Page 8

Paper Helicopter
Paper Wing
Straw Rocket
Mobius Strip
Page 9

Can You Catch Coins Off of Your Elbow?
Comb Kazoo
Can You Balance an Egg?
Can You Catch Two Dice in a Cup?
Can You Drop a Card onto a Piece of Paper?
Page 10

Knock Out a Coin
Can You Pick Up an Ice Cube without Touching It with Your Fingers?
Spinning Illusion
Balancing a Yardstick
Tying a Knot

Have fun and be safe!

"Cool Science Tricks"

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12/27/2005: New website.

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