Android Health and Fitness Apps

These are some health and fitness apps which might be useful. There are tons of health and fitness apps in the Google Play apps store, and I haven't used most of them enough to determine which ones are better than others.

App developers sometimes add or change or remove features, so there might be slight discrepancies between my descriptions (below) and the current versions of some apps.

Backpacker GPS Trails Lite by Trimble Navigation (free) - Allows you to capture maps, offline aerial imagery, waypoints (to mark campsites, trailheads, water sources, summits, etc.), tracks and routes, photos and videos with geotags, and sound clips for your hiking, backpacking, camping, mountaineering, etc., trips. It works in backcountry areas where you don't have data and cell signals. At the top of the screen, swipe left or right to see the various options (e.g. Active Trip, Compass, etc.). Also see Endomondo - Running & Walking (below) and Hiker (below).

BMI Calculator by LMF Services (free) - Calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index, a measurement of body fat based on height and weight), and your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate, the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day), and your BFC (Body Fat Calculation, the amount of body fat you're carrying based on a formula developed by the US Navy), and your HBE (Harris Benedict Equation, which uses your BMR and then applies an activity factor to determine your total daily calories used). To use the app, tap "Find Your BMI, BMR, BFC and HBE," then tap the appropriate tab for the calculation you want, then fill in the data and tap the "Calculate" button. The "Info" tab provides a description of whichever calculation you've chosen. On the first screen (which doesn't have any tabs), the "View Profiles" button allows you to view or create profiles. If you create a profile then you don't need to fill in the data on each tab to do a calculation, you simply tap the "Use Profile" button and then the "Calculate" button. To calculate the BMI for a child or teenager, try this BMI Calculator. Also see BMI Calculator Weight Tracker (below) and My Diet Diary Calorie Counter (below).

BMI Calculator Weight Tracker by Appovo (free) - Calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-to-Height Ratio, and Body Fat Percentage. On the main screen, tap the name of the calculation that you want to perform. Enter the requested values, and the calculation will be performed automatically. It also shows a reference range to let you know if you're inside or outside of the "normal" range. To calculate the BMI for a child or teenager, try this BMI Calculator. Also see BMI Calculator (above) and My Diet Diary Calorie Counter (below).

Daily Workouts FREE by Daily Workout Apps, LLC (free) - A daily workout routine (10 to 30 minutes) with videos of a certified personal trainer demonstrating each exercise. This app includes all of the exercises from the developer's free ab, arm, leg, cardio, etc., workout apps in order to target all major muscles. Also see Fitness Buddy : 300+ Exercises (below), JEFIT - Workout,Fitness,GymLog (below), and My Diet Diary Calorie Counter (below).

Endomondo - Running & Walking by Endomondo (free) - Allows you to track any outdoor activity, such as the duration, distance, speed, and calories. Gives you audio feedback for every mile, KM, etc., and enables you to keep an online personal training diary (which you can also access at Also see Backpacker GPS Trails Lite (above) and Hiker (below).

Find Me Gluten Free by Gluten Free Classes LLC (free) - Finds gluten-free restaurants, fast food, bars, cafes, grocery stores, etc., near you (or near a specific address that you enter). Tap the "gf" icon at the top left corner of the screen to see a list of options. Tap the "map pin" icon and then tap the "go" icon to see a list of the gluten-free restaurants near your location. Tap the "shopping cart" icon at the top of the initial screen to scan barcodes or browse products and ingredients (these features are in beta testing, so they're not fully complete). Tap the "baker's hat" icon at the top of the initial screen to see a list of gluten-free recipes (this feature is in beta testing, so it's not fully complete). Also see Gluten Free Guide (below) and Gluten Free Recipes 1000 (below).

Fitness Buddy : 300+ Exercises by Azumio, Inc. (free) - The free version contains over 300 exercises with detailed descriptions and animations, including exercises with a barbell, a curl bar, dumbbells, kettleballs, resistance bands, medicine ball, machines, and stability balls. Exercises are categorized by core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms, cardio, etc., plus you can add custom exercises. It also allows you to track your body metrics (chest, arms, thighs, etc.) and progress. Also see Daily Workouts FREE (above), JEFIT - Workout,Fitness,GymLog (below), and My Diet Diary Calorie Counter (below).

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate, Ltd. (free) - Scan a barcode or type in the name of a food product, and this app will provide a lot of nutrition information about the product (such as potentially harmful ingredients).

Gluten Free Guide by Application Studios (free) - Allows you to search for an ingredient to determine if it's gluten-free. Also see Find Me Gluten Free (above) and Gluten Free Recipes 1000 (below).

Gluten Free Recipes 1000 by Do No(t Much) Evil (free) - Provides nearly 1000 gluten-free recipes. Open the menu to search for recipes by name, ingredient, or keyword. Also see Find Me Gluten Free (above) and Gluten Free Guide (above).

Hiker by Gordon R. Durand (free) - Contains a compass, map, and GPS information for your hiking, backpacking, camping, mountaineering, etc., trips. Shows your current bearing and the bearing to your destination, your current speed, latitude, longitude, and altitude, and the horizontal and vertical distance to your destination. It also shows a log of your track and your saved positions. Also see Backpacker GPS Trails Lite (above) and Endomondo - Running & Walking (above).

iTriage-Health,Symptom,Doctor by iTriage, LLC (free) - Allows you to look up medical symptoms for any part of the body, and find doctors in various specialties or clinics/hospitals near your location, and get information on various medical conditions and medications and procedures and so on. Also see WebMD for Android (below).

JEFIT - Workout,Fitness,GymLog by Jefit Inc. (free) - Contains a large database of exercises and routines (plus it has customizable exercises and routines). Allows you to track your workouts, your body statistics and lifting progress, etc., and saves your progress on the JEFIT Server. It also contains an adjustable timer for resting between sets during a workout, plus a reminder for which exercise should be done next, plus a countdown timer and a stopwatch to time your workouts. Also see Daily Workouts FREE (above), Fitness Buddy : 300+ Exercises (above), and My Diet Diary Calorie Counter (below).

Locavore by AgSquared (free) - Allows you to search for local farms and farmers' markets, plus it shows which foods are in-season.

My Diet Diary Calorie Counter by MedHelp (free) - Helps you reach your target weight by allowing you to track your food, exercise, weight, cholesterol, nutrition data (protein, carbs, sugar, etc.), and so on. It contains daily nutritional summary reports, a calorie counter, a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator, a Diet Diary, a calorie tracker, weight charts, a database of over 150,000 foods and recipes for calculating their nutritional contents, an exercise tracker for cardio, aerobics, weight-lifting, walking, biking, running, and so on. There are also a number of forums (diet related, fitness related, and weight-loss related) for support and motivation. Also see BMI Calculator (above), BMI Calculator Weight Tracker (above), Daily Workouts FREE (above), Fitness Buddy : 300+ Exercises (above), and JEFIT - Workout,Fitness,GymLog (above).

WebMD for Android by WebMD, LLC (free) - Contains a Symptom Checker, a list of medical conditions, a list of drugs and treatments, a list of first aid information, and a list of local health-care providers. Also see iTriage Health (above).

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